Megan Byrd-Sanicki

Google Open Source Program Office


Megan Byrd-Sanicki is the Manager, Research & Operations for Google Open Source Program Office. With a decade of experience stewarding and advising open source projects and communities, Megan champions open source citizenship and sustainability within Google and the industry at large.

Adopting a Contribution Culture Today is Good for Business Tomorrow


Open source crossed the chasm and is now used by organizations in all industries, globally. This is worthy of celebration. At the same time, the industry is concerned that so much demand with too few contributions back may result in tragedy of the commons, impacting project sustainability. 


As open source usage grows, it's important we address sustainability today. When projects are strained, it can impact innovation, putting user adoption at risk and even more importantly, hurt community members.


One key way to address sustainability is for end user organizations, including enterprises and open source vendors, to contribute back. However, many organizations embraced the concept that open source is to be used freely. Asking end user organizations to contribute back is asking them to make big changes - legal, economic and cultural. As with any change, the first step is to have a strong motivation to begin.


This talk aims to provide that motivation for end user organization by highlighting research and case studies that show the business benefits gained when an organization adopts a contribution culture.


This talk provides the motivation your organization or the organizations within your project ecosystem needs to start a contribution culture. It covers:


  • What is open source sustainability
  • Why are end users important to open source sustainability
  • How end user organizations benefit based on research and case studies
  • How to start your contribution culture